Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.


The Holidays and New Year's Eve present a great way to generate demand and drive sales. Here are some key features to help optimize your special offerings.

  1. Create a Special Holiday Schedule
  2. Design Holiday Specific Menus
  3. Market your Special Offerings

Create a Special Holiday Schedule

You can create a special single day schedule that overrides your typical reservation availability for just one day. Special Days can be customized to accommodate any occasion, including private Holiday dinners, NYE pop-ups, and catering events.

Find, create, and publish your Special Day under Availability Planning.

Learn more about using Special Days for your holiday experiences


Design Holiday Specific Menus

Create a unique menu to link to your Holiday experiences via Menus and Items. Whether you're offering a special prepaid dinner, a takeout package, or even have different pricing for adults and children, you now have the flexibility to customize your occasion and offerings.

If you haven't used Menus and Items before, please reach out to to learn more.


Market your Special Offerings

Assign Campaign Tags to help market your special experiences in searches, collection pages, and other marketing efforts by Tock.

Under each experience, go to the General Information page and select the appropriate Campaign Tag (e.g. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve).

Learn more about Campaign Tags


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