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Tock's MVP Features of 2022

The data is in, these are the most valuable features from 2022. Take advantage of these features to increase demand and maximize sales in the new year.

FOH tools made easier

These three key features are critical to helping streamline the way you run front of house service.

  • Floorplan Optimization dynamically re-evaluates table assignments to maximize turns, minimize gaps on tables in between reservations, and ensures manual assignments aren’t overridden.
  • Drag and Drop reduces time spent changing table assignments.
  • Streamlined reservation editing makes it easier to edit, reschedule, transfer, or cancel a reservation.

Powerful management settings

Spend less time managing your configuration and ensure covers are maximized with these three features.

  • Tagging your offerings with experience, campaign, and outdoor seating tags ensure they’ll be easier for guests to find and included in Tock marketing efforts.
  • Availability Snapshot is the centralized place to manage all critical availability settings and serves as a proactive reminder to take action when one of those settings is lapsing or expired.
  • Custom experience colors give you a quick way to identify each unique experience at a glance.

Simplified event creation

New events features give you more tools to showcase your special offerings.

A new way to sell more: Tock Wine Shop

Increasing sales is ultimately your key goal. Tock Wine Shop is a new channel to connect you with millions of consumers to purchase wine directly from your business.

  • Increase sales and profits - Sell single bottles, curated selections, holiday specials, and exclusive offerings.
  • Tell your story - Build a beautiful brand page, feature your wines and add a custom story so consumers can get to know the people and history of your winery.
  • Own your data - Tock provides complete access to your customer’s information, so you can track their sales and market to them directly.
  • Stay compliant - Tock’s integration with ShipCompliant leverages the same compliance rules used for your existing DTC operations.


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