Prepaid experiences drastically reduce no-shows, allowing for higher guest commitment and better planning for the shift. Follow these steps to offer a prepaid experience. 

Create a prepaid experience 

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Experiences.
  2. In the top-right, click Add experience, then select the Prepaid reservation option.
  3. Enter an experience name, short code, description and experience color. 
  4. Enter your Default price per guest.
    • If you’ll be offering different pricing tiers (e.g. adult vs child price), enter $0 in this field and follow steps in the Add a menu section below.
  5. Set an optional custom fee. This is a flat fee charged per booking. 
    • If you’d prefer to charge per-party instead of per-person, enter $0 in the Default price per guest field, and set a custom fee instead. 
    • If you’d prefer to charge a percentage-based fee, contact to learn more.
  6. Select your tax and service charge preferences.
  7. Select an experience tag to ensure your experience shows up in relevant search results on Add an optional campaign tag to make it easy for guests to see what special experiences you’re offering. 
  8. Click Create experience.

Guest communications

Reminder emails and text messages help reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations, and are enabled by default. If you’d like to customize or disable these messages, visit the Communication tab within your experience.

Update your policies 

Policies inform guests of guidelines for cancellations and changes. For example, specify whether all sales are final, or if your business requires guests to cancel within a certain timeframe. To update your policies, click the Policies tab within your experience. Use the Tock default policy or customize verbiage to best suit your needs.

By default, guests are unable to cancel or modify their own prepaid bookings. Availability Planning customers can allow their guests to independently cancel or modify prepaid bookings. Contact to request this feature.

Add a menu

Add menu items within the Add-ons tab or Menus tab of your experience. For different pricing tiers (e.g., adult vs. child price), set the Pricing tab to $0 and set pricing in the Add-ons tab or Menus tab.

If guests will purchase menu items on-site, allow them to view options in advance by listing your menu in the experience description. 

Promote your prepaid experience

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