Pre-visit questions can be used to gather information about your guests and their upcoming visit such as their dietary restrictions, table preferences, and if they are celebrating any special occasion.

For tips on Writing Pre-Visit Questions, here's a link to our article. 

Creating pre-visit questions

Pre-visit questions are created and configured per experience.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the Experiences page
  2. Select the experience and click the Pre-visit questions section
  3. Click the Add question button 
  4. Choose between creating a custom question or one from our library
  5. For custom questions select the type of question you'd like to create:
    • Free-form text box: the guest may include a longer response
    • Single line text box: the guest may include a short, one line response
    • Checkbox: the guest may select multiple options from a list
    • Radio button: the guest selects one option from a list

Additional customization

After you've created and added your questions, you may customize several additional settings.

  • Expiration date: you may set when a guest's pre-visit questions expire. This is helpful if you need time to plan and prepare based on their answers.
  • Reminder email: guests who haven't answered their pre-visit questions can be reminded to do so with a simple reminder email.
  • Message to guests: you may include a custom message on the page your guests use when answering their pre-visit questions

To preview what guests will see, click the Preview Survey button in the top right of the screen. 


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