Tock supports several industry standard chit printers. 

Supported printers

For Apple iOS devices

These printers are only accessible when using our iOS app on Apple devices. 

Other devices (Google Chromebooks, PCs, Surface, etc.)

Here is a list of recommended and approved hardware for use with Tock. 

Note: Epson TM-U220 is no longer supported because the functionality does not work with automatic printing


Installing a printer on an iPad

  1. Connect the printer to your network. For a:
    • Bluetooth printer, connect the printer to your device from the device’s Bluetooth menu
    • WiFi printer, connect the printer to your wireless network
    • Ethernet connected printer, connect the printer to an available ethernet port
  2. Visit Control Panel and click the Settings page
  3. Click the Printers section
  4. Click the Add printer button 
    • Select the printer in the dropdown menu
      • Note: If your printer doesn't appear, it's likely on a different network than your iPad
    • Name your printer
    • Test Print
    • Select the Copies of chits to print
  5. Finish by clicking Add printer                                                                    
  6. Once you add your printer, you'll see more customization options
    • Select the types of chits you'd like to enable for printing
    • Select the add-ons you'd like printed
    • Select which information you'd like included                                             Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.56.18_AM.png
      • Note: Guest and Visit notes are always omitted from To-go chits. 

Setting up Star Micronics WebPRNT printer on a non-iOS device

Step 1: Connect the printer

Obtain the IP address of the printer by pressing the feed button while turning the printer on. Once you get the printer’s IP address:

Type http://<your-printer-ip> in your Chrome Browser’s address bar


Step 2: Assign a static IP to the printer

  • Step 2-1: Go to System Access and login. User: root Password: public  (This is the default password)
  • Step 2-2: Select IP Parameters from the menu on the left. 
  • Step 2-3: Select the static option, Enter your IP Address, subnet mask and gateway correctly and click Submit.
  • Step 2-4: In the next screen, select Save or Submit and Restart the Printer


Step 3: Enable WebPRNT


Step 4: Whitelist the printer IP in Chrome flags

  • Step 4-1:  Type chrome://flags into Chrome’s address bar.
  • Step 4-2: From the Available tab, find the Insecure origins treated as secure option, and set Enabled.
  • Step 4-3: In the text box, enter the http://<your-printer-ip> address of the printer found in Step 1. Click outside the box and restart the browser to apply the settings.


Step 5: Configure the printer in Tock Dashboard

Logged in as an administrator, under Control Panel > Settings > Printers. Enter the printer’s IP address. Make sure to choose http from the dropdown. Name the printer something understandable like “Host stand”. 

Try to print a test print to ensure everything is correct before saving.