Note: Integrations are not available on all plans. Please contact to learn more about plan offerings.

Setting up your integration

Initiate setup from Lightspeed (formerly Upserve and Breadcrumb)

  1. On your Lightspeed device, visit your Lightspeed HQ settings.
  2. Click Integration Partners.
  3. Click Add API Partner.
  4. Select Tock and click Add.
  5. Sign in to your Tock account when prompted.

Completing integration from Tock

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Integrations.
  2. Select Lightspeed  and click Connect.
Note: The initial integration between Lightspeed and Tock is one-way from Lightspeed to Tock. To initiate a two-way integration, please contact

Viewing POS data from Tock 

Once you’ve connected your Lightspeed account, you can view POS check data from your Tock Dashboard.

  1. From the Operations tab, click Point of Sale.
  2. Adjust the date range ass needed. 
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