Guests can leave private feedback in response to your post-visit email, allowing visibility into guest satisfaction, trackable trends, and the opportunity to address concerns promptly.

Turning on post-visit communications

To enable post-visit communications and reviews:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Experiences.
  2. Select an existing Experience or create a new one.
  3. Within the Experience, go to Communications and turn on Post-visit communications.
  4. Reviews are automatically enabled when Post-visit communications are turned on. To disable reviews, switch off the toggle for Request a review for this experience.
  5. The email will be sent the morning after the day of their visit. 

Guest reviews

With Request a review for this experience enabled, guests are prompted to submit a review within the post-visit email and from their Tock profile. The review includes a 1-5 star rating scale and an optional feedback form for additional comments. The individual ratings and feedback are private.

Reviews report

Guest reviews are only accessible by Account Owner, Administrator, and Employee user roles. For more on Dashboard user roles, view Adding and Managing Team Members.

To view the Reviews report: 

  1. From the Operations tab, click Reviews.
  2. Select a date range.
  3. Reviews can be downloaded as a .CSV file by clicking the download icon.

Reviews can be filtered by the number of stars, a specific experience, and whether the guest left additional feedback. The average rating is calculated based on the chosen date range and filters. 

Note: Ratings submitted by guests on or before 08/07/2023 using the legacy 3 smiley face scale have been automatically converted to the 5 star rating scale as follows:
  • “Sad” smiley = 1 Star
  • “Neutral” smiley = 3 Stars
  • “Happy” smiley = 5 Stars
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