How often is data synced between WineDirect and Tock?

Tock and WineDirect sync data in realtime.

  • Changes to reservations and guests made in Tock appear instantly in WineDirect
  • Changes to contacts, notes, contact types, and memberships appear instantly in Tock

How does Tock match guests to WineDirect contacts?

A guest’s Tock email address is used to search for an existing, matching contact in WineDirect. Both Tock and WineDirect allow you to merge guest profiles. More information about how fields are updated here.

Are Tock guests opted-in to receive emails from WineDirect?

If a guest has opted into receiving emails from you via Tock, their opt-in status will be automatically set to “Single Opt In” in WineDirect.

Can I customize what information is shared between Tock & WineDirect?

Yes - if you want to limit the information that is updated between the two platforms, we offer three different levels of integration. The default setting when first connecting will be a partial integration. Please reach out to for more information, or to update your integration.

  • Partial Integration: No order information will transfer into WineDirect. Contact updates and additions will sync from Tock into WineDirect.
  • Full Integration: Reservations and walk-ins will push as orders from Tock to WineDirect. Contact updates and additions will sync from Tock to WineDirect.
  • One Way Integration: No order information or contact information will sync with WineDirect. Contact information from WineDirect, such as member status & new guest profiles, will make updates to Tock. 
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