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In today’s environment, we know things might look a little different than they used to. We created Availability Planning to simplify your restaurant set up and make re-opening your doors as easy as possible. Follow this guide to ensure you’re keeping your customers and staff safe, while still optimizing your restaurant. 

  1. Start by configuring the Experiences you’ll offer your guests, whether that’s modifying an existing experience or creating a brand new one.

  2. To start offering reservations, create your availability Schedule. Each schedule will have its own customized floor plan, services, and blueprints.

  3. Create a Floor plan to accommodate today’s capacity requirements. You may need to edit your room layout, table capacity, or the number of tables available, to ensure your floor plan meets your needs and follows capacity guidelines.

  4. Define the days of the week and times you’ll be offering reservations by setting up Services.

  5. Modify your Capacity Settings to reflect your new cover limitations and pacing.
  6. Customize table blocks, experiences, and online availability for each service by modifying your Blueprint.
  7. Create a Special Day to customize your floor plans, hours, experiences, and capacity settings for that special occasion.

  8. If you need to close for a particular date outside of your normal schedule, create a Closed Day.

  9. Once you’re ready to go live, release your Availability.

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