You now have a way to configure contactless ordering and payments. Here's how you can create your a la carte menu for guests to order tableside.  

  1. Navigate to Control Panel, and select Tableside Menu
  2. Create your menu under Menu itemsScreen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.19.46_AM.png
    • Click the blue Create menu button and then select Create new add-on group. Think of an add-on group as a category from your menu, such as ‘Appetizers’
      • Add a Name and Description
      • Customize the Selection limit for your add-on
      • Within each add-on group, you can create add-ons. Add-ons can be used to define specific menu items, like ‘Mozzarella Sticks’
        • You can customize an in-stock limit, limit quantity by in stock, or limit by quantity per day
        • You can also create and update the Category for an add-on. This allows you to group your add-ons for guests to more easily view in your menu.                                                      Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.22.53_AM.png
      • For each add-on, you can customize Modifiers. Modifiers are a way for you to define modifications to an add-on.
        • For example, an add-on of steak, might have modifiers for rare, medium, or well done.
        • You can customize Modifier limits and Setup modification optionsScreen_Shot_2020-06-05_at_7.50.52_PM.png
      • You can create as many add-on groups and add-ons as you need
  3. Navigate to Pricing
    • Select your Taxes preference
      • Collect taxes for this experience
      • Do not collect taxes for this experience
    • Select a Service charge option
      • No service charge is required
      • Require a service charge
      • Ask for optional gratuity
        • You can customize the gratuity options that guests seeScreen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.27.46_AM.png
  4. Create Discounts that can be applied to your menu




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