Managing Tableside Orders

You now have a way to configure contactless ordering and allow guests to order tableside. A tableside order can be initiated for a reservation or for a walk-in.

  1. Navigate to Reservations, Service and then GuestsScreen_Shot_2020-06-08_at_10.59.56_AM.png
  2. After you seat the guest, a modal will open where you can Manage the tableside orderScreen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_8.53.00_AM.png
    • As a best practice, for all walk-ins be sure to take a phone number and name down when greeting. For any guests without a phone number, you will be prompted to enter a phone number before sending a message.
    • Select a message to send to the guest. You have the option to Message by text or Message by email                                                                  Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.09.11_AM.png
      • Begin order - this will send a text message to the guest to start their tableside order. 
        1. The guest will be prompted to log in to Tock if they already have an account, or create a new account if they don’t have one
          • Note: The guest will only have to log in once during a visit, even if they receive and click multiple links.
        2. After logging in, guests will have to add a payment method to their account if they don’t already have one on file. They will not be able to make any menu selections without having a payment method on file.
        3. After adding a payment method, the guest will be directed to your menu, where they can make their selections
          • The guest can select Share menu with your party to text a read-only version of the menu to others in their group.
          • The guest can also select Start group order. This will prompt the guest to send a text message to other members of their party so they can all order off their own phones independently.                                                                                Screen_Shot_2020-08-21_at_9.38.43_AM.png
          • They can review and edit their order before submission
            • Once the guest submits their order, only employees with access to the Tock Dashboard can modify submitted items
          • After submitting, they can continue to add items to their orderScreen_Shot_2020-06-05_at_8.41.13_PM.png
        4. After a guest submits their order, you will see a blinking red dot next to their party in the Guests tab if they are not seated yet. If they are seated, you will see a blinking red dot next to the table they are seated atScreen_Shot_2020-06-05_at_8.45.36_PM.png
          • Right click (or long press) on their table and select Tableside to see their order receipt and modify their order if necessary
          • Review their order and then select Fire all items to kitchen to generate a chit to print.
            1. When a guest adds new items to their order, these will be called out as New Items, while previously ordered items will be under Ordered Items
            2. You will be able to Fire new items to kitchen if new items are added to the orderScreen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.04.40_AM.png
      • Pay - this will send a text message to the guest with a link to pay their check
        • You can also select Settle up, and determine how you want to settle the billScreen_Shot_2020-06-11_at_4.08.17_PM.png
          • Send a payment link to the guest via text message - the guest will see the F&B Charge, Service, Total, less the Paid amount and they pay the delta   
          • Send a payment link to the guest via email - the guest will see the F&B Charge, Service, Total, less the Paid amount and they pay the delta 
          • Charge the guest's credit card on file - if there are multiple cards on file, you can select which one to charge
          • Charge a new credit card - you can add a new credit card and charge that card                           Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_9.10.17_AM.png
        • Upon payment, you will see the receipt in the party update to show the paid amount                                                 Screen_Shot_2020-06-05_at_8.57.38_PM.png
      • Custom - free form text box that allows you to customize the message to text your guests
    • There are a few other actions you can take when managing the tableside order
      • Add custom charge - add a description of the charge and the charge amount
      • Add discount - complimentary discounts are applied to the subtotal before service charge and tax. Note: only users with admin level permissions can apply discounts. Hosts are not able to apply discounts.
      • Modify order - add or remove items from an orderScreen_Shot_2020-06-11_at_4.25.26_PM.png
    • You can continue to Manage a tableside order for a guest until they are marked as left
      • The payment link will continue to be active until the balance is cleared
      • If you mark a table left that still has an open balance, you will receive a notification
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