You now have a way to configure contactless, tableside ordering and payments. Below are frequently asked questions related to tableside ordering.

Can any guest use tableside ordering?

Yes, both reservations and walk-ins can utilize tableside ordering.

What if the guest pre-paid or paid a deposit?

Any monies the guest paid ahead of time will be deducted from the total tableside bill at time of payment. For example, if the guest pre-paid $50 and their total tableside bill was $150, they will owe a balance of $100.

Once a guest places an order, can they add more items to their order?

Yes, guests can continue to add items to their order at any time throughout their meal.

Does a guest have to pay after each time they add items to their order?

No, the guest only has to pay at the end of their meal when you send them a link for payment.

What if a guest wants to modify their order?

After a guest submits their order, only you and your staff have the ability to modify submitted order items. You can add or remove items from the order as needed, at any time.

What happens if the guest doesn’t have a payment method on file?

Guests will not be able to begin a tableside order without adding a payment method to their Tock account. 


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