Overview of features

Tock has partnered with Lightspeed (formerly Upserve and Breadcrumb) to bring real-time, two-way integration. A few key components of that integration are:  

  • A check will automatically be created in Lightspeed when a reservation, seated event or walk-in is seated in the Tock Dashboard.
    • Note: if a check is first created in Lightspeed, it will need to be manually associated with a party in Tock. Therefore, best practice is seating the party in Tock, which automatically opens a check in Lightspeed.
  • When a check is closed, the check information is pulled into Tock.
  • When a check is closed, the party is automatically moved to the Paid Status in the Tock Dashboard.  

Tock Service

Seating a diner in Tock opens a check in the Lightspeed POS, auto-filling the reservation details: name, party size, and prepaid amount if any exists in the check. The prepaid amount is displayed under the Payments in Lightspeed POS, within the Tock Deposit line item.



Real time check updates

Changes to the check in the POS are visible under the Check tab of the reservation details when the check is closed.


When a check is closed in the POS, the party status automatically updates to Paid in Tock.

  • Note: Lightspeed has 2 paid statuses, Closed and Done. The Tock status updates to Paid only when the check is Closed.


Operations Report

  1. Navigate to Operations
  2. Select Point of Sale
    • Use this report to filter, find checks, and view check details

Insights Report

Tock provides a unified report of online sales through Tock and in-store sales from Lightspeed POS.

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Under Point of Sale select Item Sales


Known Limitations

  • If a guest party spends less than the Tock amount, there is no option for a refund from the Lightspeed POS.
  • Once the check is closed, then reopened, the Tock status will remain Paid.
  • Server names and Table numbers do not show up on the check. The Lightspeed team is looking into exposing this functionality.


1. Does Tock pass notes/tags to the point of sale?

No. Tock passes just the party size to Lightspeed at this time.

2. What attributes are being pulled from Lightspeed into Tock?

Tock pulls the full itemized check details, all the tenders, including amount paid in store, gift cards redeemed through Lightspeed, and check open and close times. 

3. Will customers need to learn to associate a check with a reservation or walk-in?

No. By design, the check automatically created by Tock in Lightspeed is associated with the seated reservation or walk-in. There is no need to match checks with this approach. However, if there are checks first created in Lightspeed not by Tock, they will need to be manually associated via the Point of Sale tab under Operations.

4. Will automatic-check creation work if the internet is down?

No. A check will not be created if the internet is down. Tock service is designed to work offline, so it will never block the seating of a guest. In such case, the check will need to be manually associated via the Point of Sale tab under Operations. We recommend doing that once the internet is back online and stable.


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