When it comes to announcing your launch on Tock, here are some best practices to share with your diners as you go live.


Start with a clear subject line

In order to share with your guests that there is a new way to book with you, we recommend a clear subject line like, “Introducing our new reservation system, Tock.” 


Specify various experiences

In this example, LondonHouse Chicago shows all of the unique experiences they will be offering on Tock, including a rooftop bar and afternoon tea. By specifying the experience types, guests are more inclined to book and dine with you.


Include a call to action

Offer a "Book Now" button at the bottom of your newsletter. This allows guests to interact with Tock instantly, while becoming familiar with the new booking process. And, include a phone number and any other contact information, so guests who prefer to call can easily do so.


Promote To Go

When marketing your To Go offerings, we recommend a clear subject line like, “Pickup and delivery favorites now on Tock.Promote your offerings while remaining clear about how guests can order them. This gives diners a chance to instantly place a to-go order.


Keep it short and sweet

Keep the email short. Keep it sweet. But most importantly, make sure that you actually send one. It’s free marketing and is a tried and true way to increase your patronage.

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