Menus Creation and Setup Video Overviews

Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Menus and Items

You now have one place to create and manage your Menus and Items. Menus are made up of sections, items and modifiers, with items and modifiers pulling from a shared library. One item can link to multiple menus and have shared stock limits across those menus. One menu can link to one or more experiences. We created the video guides below to make it even easier for you to use Tock's Menu Creation and Setup tools.


Table of Contents

Create a New Menu

Create a Section in a Menu

Create an Item in a Section

Create an Optional Modifier

Create a Required Modifier

Rearranging Items in a Section

Removing an Item from a Menu


Here's how to create a new menu:

Here's how to create a section in a menu:

Here's how to create an item in a section:

Here's how to create an optional modifier:

Here's how to create a required modifier:

Here's how to rearrange items in a section:

Here's how to remove an item from a menu:



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