Note: This article discusses a feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Viewing your sales tax report

For customers in certain states, Tock is taking sales tax off of your plate by automatically collecting and remitting sales tax in accordance with required Marketplace Facilitator laws. The states Tock are currently collecting and remitting taxes for, and who these changes are applicable to, are:

  • Illinois (10/4/2021)
  • Texas (11/1/2021)
  • Washington (11/1/2021)
  • Washington, D.C. (11/1/2021)
  • Rhode Island (6/1/2022)
  • Michigan (7/1/2022)
  • Tennessee (7/1/2022)
  • Wisconsin (8/1/2022)
  • Oklahoma (8/1/2022)
  • Minnesota (9/1/2022)
  • Louisiana (9/1/2022)
Note: All sales made prior to your state's tax center launch date, as well as any payment that was not collected on Tock (e.g. gift card, pay later, etc.) will not be reflected in your sales tax report.

Responsibility for setting, collecting, and remitting sales tax now rests with Tock for all Tock prepaid reservations, events, and merchandise. Please note, some states require mandatory service charges be taxed. Laws vary by state. Please check with your tax advisors or local tax office representatives for more information.

This report shows sales tax that was realized on a selected date or date range of service. For example, if a guest books a reservation on July 1st for July 12th, July 12th is when that revenue will be realized.

Other taxes not remitted by Tock will be paid out to your business as usual. You can access your Sales tax report under Reports. 

  1. Navigate to Reports and then Sales Tax.
  2. The Sales Tax report will show you taxes collected at the time of service.

Tax Center Glossary 

  • Marketplace sales - Sales that take place within your state or another marketplace facilitator state.
  • Non-marketplace sales - Sales where the destination takes place in a non-marketplace state.
  • Taxed sales - Sales from prepaid experiences, events, takeout experiences, items, and add-ons that are subject to tax.
  • Non-taxed sales - Tax exempt sales from experiences, events, takeout experiences, items, and add-ons (e.g. optional gratuities, deposits, etc).
  • Taxes collected: total taxes collected on your taxable sales.
  • Taxes remitted by Tock: the portion of taxes that Tock will remit.
  • Taxes remitted by you: the portion of taxes that you are responsible for remitting.


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