Note: This article discusses a feature available on Dashboards using Availability Planning reservation management, which is not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Drive sales at your business by capitalizing on your high-traffic days. With Tock, you can create unique offerings alongside your regular scheduled reservations. 


To get started, please see the steps below:

  1. Create an Experience
  2. Create availability with a Special Day:
  3. Start Selling

Create an experience


  1. Visit Control Panel and select the Experiences tab
  2. Click the blue Add Experience button
  3. Select the type of reservation you'd like to create:
    • Prepaid: a reservation to be paid for in full for an all-inclusive experience
    • Deposit: a reservation requiring an upfront deposit payment
    • Reservation: a standard free reservation requiring no deposit
  4. Enter a name, description, and price, taxes, service charge options, and campaign tag
    • For holidays, utilize the Campaign Tag to highlight the experience for guests searching in Tock!
  5. Select Create Experience 
  6. Click through each tab of the experience and make additional changes as needed
    • For set menus, you can either include a description of the menu in the General Description tab or add selections in the Add-Ons tab or Menus tab
    • If you’d like to have different pricing tiers (e.g., Adult vs. Child Price), set Pricing tab to $0 and set pricing in the Add-Ons tab or Menus tab

Create availability with a Special Day

Add a Special Day

Once your experience is created, you need to add availability via a Special Day.


  1. Navigate to Control Panel, and select Availability Planning
  2. Select Add Special Day
    • Give your special day a Name
    • Select the Date for your special day
    • Select from the below options:
      1. Use Published Schedule allows you to use the existing schedule that falls on your special day as a template 
        • For example, if your special day falls on a Saturday, selecting this option will pull in Saturday's service(s) and floor plan
        • Please note, you will need to have a currently published schedule to copy the configurations for your Special Day
      2. Create New Special Day allows you to create a floor plan and availability from scratch

Update Floor Plan

Once you've configured your schedule Details, you will be prompted to: Continue to Floor Plan


Make any updates to your floor plan including:

  1. Add or remove tables
  2. Reorganize tables on your floor plan
    • Change table capacities 
    • Edit the size and shape of tables
    • Adjust table combinations 
  3. Add new rooms to your floor plan

Adjust Table Availability

Once you’re finished updating the floor plan, select the blue button: Continue to Services


  1. Either add a new service or click on the original service
  2. Make any updates to your service: 
    • First and last reservation with equal the start and end time
    • Click on the pencil next to Table Availability 
      • Apply the new experience to the appropriate tables 
        • Click on the pencil and with select all in the upper left corner or select the individual tables this experience will apply to
        • Click Edit Selected Tables in the upper right hand corner
        • Click Apply Experience to Selected Tables
        • Select the appropriate Experience 
        • Repeat if you are using multiple experiences for different tables 
      • You can also use this screen to block individual tables or blocks of tables
        • Click on the pencil and with select all in the upper left corner or select the individual tables this experience will apply to
        • Click Edit Selected Tables in the upper right hand corner
        • Click Block Selected Tables for Service
      • Once you have made your edits click Done Editing and Save 

Edit Pacing & Turn Times

Once you’re finished adjusting your table availability, edit your pacing and turn times


  1. Click the pencil next to Pacing and update your pacing limits for the day 
  2. Click the pencil next to Turn Times and update your turn times by party size

Publish your Special Day

  1. Click Continue to Review
    • Review configurations
  2. Once you are ready, click Publish Special Day
    • You can adjust your availability window in the Availability Tab to ensure guests are able to book the experience well in advance
    • When you publish your schedule your new experience will be live for bookings on your business page 

Start Selling!

    1. Navigate to your ExploreTock page to view your holiday experience
    2. Post on social media and tag @exploretock so we can repost!
    3. Send your guests an email notifying them of your holiday offerings.
      • Export your guest directory:
        • Select the Guests tab at the top of your dashboard
        • Select the Download icon in the top right corner
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