Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.


You asked, we listened! This month, we're highlighting brand new features requested by owners and operators on Tock.

  1. Reservation requests filter
  2. Online walk-in waitlist notes
  3. New safety measure
  4. Rolling release options
  5. Closed day language
  6. Email subject line
  7. Email opt-in date
  8. Customizable chit fields

Reservation requests filter

Filter reservation requests to see guests interested in any experience, not just those interested in a specific experience.


Online walk-in waitlist notes

Allow guests to add a note when joining the online walk-in waitlist.


New safety measure

A new safety measure allows you to signal to your guests that your staff is fully vaccinated.


Rolling release options

More rolling release options give you more flexibility when making your offerings available.


Closed day language

Updated closed day language makes it clear it doesn't impact your to go availability.


Email subject line

The specific business name the guest is reaching out about is now included in the email subject line for greater clarity.


Email opt-in date

See guest email opt-in date when you download the marketing csv. file.


Customizable chit fields

More ways to customize your chits with new fields like custom fees and charges.


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