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  1. Timeline Drag & Drop
  2. Outdoor Seating Tag
  3. Custom Experience Colors
  4. FAQ Drag & Drop

Timeline Drag & Drop

Introducing a quick and easy way to change table assignments. Simply drag and drop a reservation to a more appropriate table.

Why: The ability to quickly adjust table assignments is crucial, especially during busy service hours. This new feature will reduce the time it takes by 50%.

How: In Timeline, reassign a reservation by clicking on the reservation, dragging it to the appropriate table, and dropping it on that table! You can drag a reservation to any table at the same reservation time - regardless of table capacity, experience, or overbooking. When dragging a reservation, we'll highlight potential overbookings in red.

Drag and drop a reservation from 3 different spots in Timeline:

  1. Timeline grid
  2. Guests panel
  3. Reservation details


Outdoor Seating Tag

Use the outdoor seating tag to help guests find your outdoor experiences on

Why: Patio season is upon us and guests are searching for outdoor experiences when booking a reservation. Tagging your outdoor experience ensures that it'll be easier for guests to find.

How: In Control Panel under an Experience, go to the General Information page. Select the outdoor seating check box if the experience is offered outside.


Custom Experience Colors

Customize the colors assigned to each individual experience.

Why: At any given point, you can have multiple experiences live. Assigning custom colors will give you a quick way to identify each unique experience.

How: In Control Panel under an Experience, go to General Information. Pick a color to assign to that experience and easily see all color assignments.


FAQ Drag & Drop

Easily reorder your FAQs when setting up your Tock site.

Why: You want to be able to quickly adjust the information you're sharing with your guests.

How: In Control Panel under Business Page, go to the FAQ page and click on the 3 bars to rearrange the order of your FAQs.


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