Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.


This month we're highlighting features that you can enable to help guests find and book your experiences.

  1. Cuisine Type
  2. Outdoor Seating
  3. Campaign Tags
  4. Price Filter

Cuisine Type

The #1 search criteria on is Cuisine.

To update, go to the Business Page in Control Panel and select your Cuisine Type and Descriptors.


Outdoor Seating

Highlight Outdoor Seating if you have it.

To show Outdoor Seating, go to the General Information page and select the Outdoor Seating checkbox.


Campaign Tags

Pick Campaign Tags to help market your special experiences in searches, collection pages, and other marketing efforts by Tock.

Under each experience, go to the General Information page and select the appropriate Campaign Tag.


Price Filter

Check your Price Range to accurately show in searches.

Under the Business Page in Control Panel, go to Business Information. Select the appropriate price range for your business.



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