Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Introducing the Availability Snapshot

We've built a new Availability Snapshot to let you know if your reservation schedules, to-go inventory, or availability windows need to be updated. This snapshot serves as a summary of your availability status on Tock and a reminder to take action so guests can make bookings.

The Availability Snapshot uses stoplight colors to notify you when there are actions for you to take:

  • Green indicates no action needed! 
  • A yellow dot indicates recommended actions to review, (e.g., schedules about to lapse within the next 30 days).
  • Red indicates critical actions to resolve, (e.g., guests not being able to book your offerings on Tock).

Availability settings are critical to ensuring guests can see and book your offerings. The Availability Snapshot helps ensure you don’t lose out on revenue due to a hidden offering or lapsed setting.


Learn more about the Availability Snapshot

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