Note: This article discusses an upcoming feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.


Here are the 5 most impactful features released this year. If you haven't already, turn these on and see the results for yourself!

  1. Timeline Drag and Drop
  2. Floorplan Optimization
  3. Experience Tags
  4. Availability Snapshot
  5. Digital Waitlist

Timeline Drag and Drop

Timeline Drag and Drop has reduced time spent changing table assignments by over 62%. Save time during service by simply clicking on the reservation and dragging it to the appropriate table.


Floorplan Optimization

Floorplan Optimization has improved table assignments for over 66% of customers, resulting in maximized turn times and minimized gaps between reservations.


Experience Tags

Experience tags are frequently used by guests when filtering search results. Over 61% of those guests look for Outdoor Seating, so make sure your outdoor experiences are tagged appropriately to be visible in Outdoor Seating searches.


Availability Snapshot

Availability Snapshot has helped over 70% of customers stay current with their availability settings and make sure all their offerings are available for guests to book.


Digital Waitlist

Digital Waitlist helps you fill last minute cancellations and openings. This year alone, 35% of waitlist requests have converted to seated reservations.


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