We have a few suggestions for utilizing the Menus & Items tab as efficiently as possible.

Building your first Menu

Navigate to your Menus and Items tab on the left-hand side of your control panel.



1. First stop! Did you know we have a quick start guide available in your dashboard? You’ll find it under the Menus and Items tab, in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Let’s start under Menus

Menu = optional or required items for an experience

(i.e. Tasting Menu Selection, Gluten-Free Option, Adult vs Child Ticket)

3. Add your first menu

  • Keep menu name clear/distinct
  • Menu name is internal only - your business is the only one who can see it


4. Next up, add the section(s) to your menu

  • Section name is what guests see on your exploretock page 
    • Select a name that is short yet informative (i.e. Optional Wine Pairing)

5. Add a new menu item and select the section you would like it to fall under

  • Enter item details 
    • Name
      • Item names must be unique and cannot be reused
    • Display Name 
      • This is what the customer sees 
      • If it is not filled out, the customer will see the Name
    • Using the same item name across multiple menus? Set the Name to be unique and distinguishable. The Display Name can be the same for all menus. 
      • This could be used for similar items that have different prices or sizes.
        (i.e. Name = Caesar Salad - Lunch, Display Name = Caesar Salad)
  • Keep chit names short and concise
  • Within a particular item, you may also set up a modifier for that item 

    Modifier = an additional specification

    (i.e. A guest selected the 5 Course Tasting Menu and has the option to modify their selection and make it Gluten Free or Vegetarian)

6. Select the item, scroll down to the Item modifiers section and click the pencil icon

7. Within Item modifiers, you may add an existing modifier or create a new modifier

  • Is the modifier optional? Set the minimum required to 0. 
  • Is the modifier required? Set the minimum required to 1. 
    • (i.e. If you add the Optional Wine Pairing and need to select between Standard Wine Pairing and Reserve Wine Pairing)



8. Once you’ve built out your menu, it’s time to link it to your experiences!

  • Must link a menu to your experience(s) - this will make it live
  • Can only link one menu per experience
  • The same menu can be linked to multiple experiences








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