One of the biggest frustrations we hear from our customers is that credit card chargebacks are a lot of work to contest and typically don’t result in the credit card issuer reversing the chargeback regardless of the evidence presented.

In order to help you with chargebacks, Tock is the only provider to offer chargeback coverage for up to $25,000 of contested charges annually per U.S. business with an active Tock subscription (not including Events Essential & Events Premium).

To offset the cost of the chargeback coverage, Tock charges your guests the following fee, which appears as a separate line item at checkout:

Order fee Prepaid booking amount
$1 Less than $50
$2.25 $50 or more but less than $150
$5 $150 or more


Free reservations will continue to have no fees.  Credit card fees listed at apply to all payments processed through Tock (including the order fee).  

If you have any questions about our chargeback coverage, please contact the hospitality team at

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