If you’re a Tock customer using Stripe as your payment processor, you’re able to manage transactions and payments within your business’ Stripe dashboard. When chargebacks (also referred to as disputes) are received, your team will be responsible for responding to these claims.


Stripe’s guide to responding to disputes provides instructions for contesting or accepting chargebacks.

Here is a list of evidence we recommend including when responding to a chargeback:

  • Screenshots of the guest's profile, reservation history and/or receipt
  • Screenshots of the transaction details from Stripe (or proof of refund if credit was already processed)
  • A copy of the bcc’d email confirmation the guest received on the date of purchase
  • Relevant email exchanges or notes from calls with the guest
  • Photos of the guest on premises
  • POS receipts showing deposits applied
  • The Tock Terms of Use
  • Screenshot of your business’ cancellation policy as displayed on your public checkout page


We recommend compiling all of this information into a Word or Google Doc and converting it into a PDF before submitting. Once you’ve submitted evidence, it will generally take the issuing bank 60-75 days to reach a determination.


For more information on how to navigate and respond to disputes in your Stripe dashboard, we recommend reviewing Stripe’s library of disputes and fraud articles

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