Manually create guest groups based on email addresses, existing tags or wine commerce membership levels. These groups are used to limit access to experiences and events, or to create discounts. 

Setting up a guest group

To set up a guest group:

  1. From the Guests tab, click the Groups tab.
  2. Click Create a group at the top-right.
  3. Add a Name.
  4. Choose Manual to create a group based on existing email addresses.
  5. Choose Smart to create a list based on tags, opt-in status, or membership status and/or contact type.
      • Tock currently integrates with POS/CRM platforms WineDirect, Commerce7 and Activ8 allowing for seamless guest/membership data sharing with Tock.
Note:  Select as many options as you want from the drop-down menu, but if you're going across drop-down menus, guests must match all of the selected attributes in order to be sorted into a smart group.
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