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Commerce7 is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform that allows wineries to manage inventory, point-of-sale, and wine clubs from one place. With Tock’s Commerce7 integration,CRMs (customer relationship management) can be shared between platforms. By syncing guest contact types and club memberships from Commerce7 to Tock,exclusive reservations, tastings, and discounts can be provided.

Tock’s Commerce7 integration helps to manage a business’ guest directory and does not support managing financial reporting. We recommend reconciling Tock finances using Tock reports, and alternatively reconciling Commerce7 finances using Commerce7 reports. 

Set up 



Set up

To initiate setup from Commerce7: 

  1. From the Commerce7 Admin Panel, click Apps & Extensions.
  2. Search Tock.
  3. Select Tock App.
  4. Click Install App.
  5. Enter Tock Business ID (located in the top-right corner of the Tock Dashboard).
  6. Click Continue
  7. Click Install App.
  8. Navigate to the Tock Dashboard Integrations page. If returning to an existing tab, reload.
  9. Click Commerce7.
  10. Select location.
  11. Select channel for reservations.
  12. Click Save.

To initiate setup from Tock:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Integrations
  2. Click Commerce7.
  3. Note the provided Tock Business ID and click Connect.
  4. Follow steps 4 - 12 above.

If you have already installed the latest version of the Tock app in Commerce7 in the past, or for  another location in your Tock group, initiate the installation with the following steps:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Integrations
  2. Click Commerce7.
  3. To connect a new Commerce7 tenant (different C7 account), click on the link to the C7 Marketplace app, then follow steps 4 - 12 above.
  4. To connect one of your group’s existing Commerce7 tenants, select the desired tenant from the dropdown.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Follow steps 9 - 12 above.
Note:  It may take up to 48 hours for all guest information from Commerce7 to appear in Tock.


There are three levels of the integration, which allows you to limit the information that is updated between the two platforms: 

  • Full Integration: Reservations and walk-ins will push as orders from Tock to Commerce7. Contact updates and additions will sync between Tock and Commerce7.
  • Partial Integration: No order information will transfer into Commerce7. Contact updates and additions will sync from Tock into Commerce7.
  • One Way Integration: No order information or contact information will sync with Commerce7. Contact information from Commerce7, such as member status and new guest profiles, will update in Tock. 
Note:  The default setting when connecting (or reconnecting) will be a partial integration. If you would like reservations to push as orders into Commerce7, please contact to enable this feature.


How does the integration match Tock guests and Commerce7 contacts?

Guests and contacts are matched by email address. 

How is guest and contact data updated during the initial sync?

During the initial sync, the integration matches and syncs information based on the guidelines below:

In Tock 

Updates synced to guest profiles in Tock: 

  • Commerce7 contacts that do not exist as Tock guests are created. 
  • If a matched guest exists in Tock, but isn’t labeled as a “Tock verified profile,” then Commerce7 contact information is used to update missing information on the Tock profile.
  • If a matched guest exists as a “Tock verified profile,” then only wine club membership and contact notes are pulled in from Commerce7.

Fields pushed to guest profiles in Tock:

  • Phone
  • Address - city, state, zip code, and country
  • Birthday
  • Commerce7 membership - the name of the Commerce7 club(s) a guest belongs to
  • Commerce7 notes - contact notes from Commerce7

In Commerce7

Updates synced to contact profiles in Commerce7: 

  • Tock guests with reservations that do not exist as Commerce7 contacts are created.
  • If a matched guest exists in Commerce7, contacts are updated by Tock.
  • A contact will not be created from a Tock guest without an email address, unless pushed as a walk-in order.

Fields pushed to contact profiles in Commerce7:

  • Phone
  • Address - city, state, zip code and country
  • Email status - if a guest has opted into receiving email marketing from a business, this is set to “Single Opt In.”

What information from a Tock reservation is pushed as an Order to Commerce7? 

With the Full Integration turned on, Tock reservations and walk-ins will push to Commerce7 as "Orders." Data provided in the reservation sync includes:

  • Order Submitted Date - When the reservation was booked
  • Order Paid Date - When the reservation will occur
  • Order Fulfilled Date - When the reservation will occur
  • External Vendor - Tock
  • Channel - Web or POS
  • Order items:
    • Item name - the name of the Tock experience, menu item, or fee 
    • Units
    • Unit prices
    • Product SKUs (if available)

If a reservation is modified, the order will update appropriately. If a reservation is canceled or transferred, a new order is created to reflect that change. 

How often is data synced between Commerce7 and Tock?

Tock and Commerce7 syncs data in real-time. Changes to the following information will sync between platforms:

  • Changes to reservations and guests in Tock will appear in Commerce7.
  • Changes to contacts, notes, contact types, and memberships in Commerce7 will appear in Tock.

Are Tock guests opted-in to receive emails from Commerce7?

If a guest has opted into receiving emails from your business via Tock, their opt-in status will be set to “Subscribed” in Commerce7.

Are walk-in reservations pushed into Commerce7?

Walk-in reservations will push into Commerce7 as an order with a "Walk-in" line item. If the guest record in Tock has an email, it will be associated with the order. If the guest's email is unknown, the order will not be connected to a guest, but will include the guest's name in the order note.

How do I set up a member discount or exclusive tasting?

Once your integration is connected, set up a Smart Group using Commerce7 attributes. This allows you to limit access to experiences, or to create discounts. For more information, view the Creating Smart Groups article.

Is it possible to modify an order that was originally created by Tock within Commerce7?

Orders created in Tock can only be modified in Tock as the reservation sync only goes one direction (Tock -> Commerce7). This can be done by clicking the external order number link in Commerce7, which will open the reservation in Tock. Any modifications to the reservation will then automatically be updated again in Commerce7.


Learn More 

For more information, view Commerce7 Help Center.


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