Commerce7 is a loyalty, CRM, and DTC ecommerce platform used by many wineries to manage their wine club membership system. Integrating with Commerce7 gives you insight into your guests' relationships to your business, and allows you to provide exclusive reservations, tastings, or discounts based on club membership or guest attributes.


Initialize Integration in Commerce7 

Before logging into Commerce7 on Tock, you must first create a data role in Commerce7. This data role should be a unique email not used for general Commerce7 access.

  1. Visit the Admin panel in Commerce7 and click on Settings, then Accounts
  2. Click Send Invite in the upper righthand corner
  3. Enter an email address, and select Data from the Role dropdown menu (this email will be used to log in to your C7 account from Tock).
  4. Click Send Invite
  5. You will receive an email prompting you to configure a password

Connect the integration in Tock

  1. Visit Control Panel in your Tock Dashboard
  2. Click Settings and select Integrations from the menu
  3. Scroll to Commerce7 and click Connect
  4. Log in to your Commerce7 account on Tock:
    • Input your username and password
    • Input the login domain for your C7 account (ex: "tock" in
    • Specify the order channel in Commerce7: "Web" or "POS"
    • Select the business location (if applicable) you'd like to link to the Tock Account

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for all guest information from Commerce7 to appear in Tock.

For any assistance in Commerce7, please refer to the Commerce7 Help Center



By default, the integration enables you to receive guest and membership updates from Commerce7.

  • Commerce7 creates profiles for guests that don’t exist in Tock
  • Commerce7 adds club membership, tags, and guest notes and flags to Tock profiles
  • Commerce7 adds missing phone number and address to Tock profiles

It also enables you to push guest updates to Commerce7 (this option can be disabled by request).

  • Tock creates new profiles for guests that don’t exist in Commerce7
  • Tock adds missing phone numbers to existing Commerce7 profiles

By request, the integration can also push reservations to Commerce7.

  • Reservations made in Tock are created as Orders in Commerce7

Please reach out to for more information about customizing your integration.



How often do the two platforms communicate with each other?

After the initial connection (which can take up to 48 hours), changes to contact information, clubs, tags, and notes are synced in real time with Commerce7. If you have configured reservations to push to Commerce7, any new reservations will sync instantly. 


How does Tock match guests to Commerce7 contacts?

A guest’s Tock email address is used to search for an existing, matching contact in Commerce7.  


Are Tock guests opted-in to receive emails from Commerce7?

If a guest has opted into receiving emails from you via Tock, their opt-in status will be set to “Subscribed” in Commerce7.


What reservation information is pushed into Commerce7?

Reservations made on Tock will import into Commerce7 as "Orders". Data provided in the reservation sync includes:

  • Order Submitted Date: When reservation was booked
  • Order Paid Date: When reservation will occur
  • Order Fulfilled Date: When reservation will occur
  • External Vendor: Tock
  • Channel: Web or POS
  • Reservation line items, units, unit prices, and associated SKUs (if available)

If a reservation is modified, the order will update appropriately. If a reservation is cancelled or transferred, a new order is created to reflect that change. 


Are walk-in reservations pushed into Commerce7?
Walk-in reservations will push into Commerce7 as an order with a "Walk-in" line item. If the guest record in Tock has an email it will be associated to the order. If the guest's email is unknown, the order will not be connected to a guest but will include the guest's name in the order note.


How do I setup a member discount or exclusive tasting?

Once your integration is connected, you can setup a Smart Group using Commerce7 attributes. This allows you to limit access to experiences, or to create discounts. More information about Smart Groups here


Is it possible to modify an order that was originally created by Tock within Commerce7?

Orders created in Tock can only be modified in Tock as the reservation sync only goes one direction (Tock -> Commerce7). This can easily be done by clicking on the external order number link in Commerce7 which will open the reservation in Tock. Any modification to the reservation will then automatically be updated again in Commerce7.


How do Tock deposits work in Commerce7?

Deposit reservations will display as orders in Commerce7. A staff member should apply a rebate sku of the deposit amount to the POS order for a guest during checkout.

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