Note: This article discusses the Menus and Items feature, which is not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Menus and Items

Menus are made up of Sections, Items, and Modifiers. One Menu can link to one or more offerings including Events. Items and Modifiers will pull from a shared library. One Item can link to multiple Menus and have shared Stock limits across those Menus.

  1. Create a Menu
  2. Create a Section
  3. Create an Item
  4. Create a Modifier

Create a Menu

To create a Menu:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Menus and Items. 
  2. Click Create new menu.
  3. Enter the Menu name. The name is for internal reference and will not be visible to guests. 
  4. Click Create menu.

Create a Section

To create a Section:

  1. Click Add section.
  2. Add a Section name and Description. These fields will be visible to guests.
  3. Select the Section limit.
    • Unlimited - guests select an unlimited amount of items in section.
    • Limit one item per order - guests select one of each item in this section, regardless of party size.
    • Limit one per person - guests select one item in this section for each person in their party.
  4. Custom limit - configure a minimum and maximum number of Items guests order within section.
  5. Select Required selection to require guests to select an item from the section.
  6. Select All guests must select the same item to require guests to choose the same item.
  7. Click Add Section.
  8. Click the X in the top-right corner to close the section detail view.

Create an Item 

To add an Item:

  1. Click Add Item, select Add new item.
  2. Select a Section from the dropdown.
  3. Enter Name and optional Display name.
    • The Item Name will be displayed to guests, unless a Display name is created.
  4. Upload an image.
  5. Enter an optional Category for reporting purposes. 
  6. Enter Description.
  7. Enter optional Chit name for this item to print on chits.
  8. Enter an optional SKU.
  9. Click pencil icon to add Price details & Sales tax category.
    • Select Age restriction if applicable.
  10. Click pencil icon to add Inventory controls.
  11. Click pencil icon to add Item modifiers.
  12.  Click Add item.

Item Library

Once an Item is created, you can access the product in the Item Library tab.

To make an Item unavailable or duplicate an Item:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Menus and items. 
  2. Click Item Library.
  3. Click 3 horizontal dots to the right of Item.
    • To make an Item unavailable, click Make unavailable, click Archive menu item.
    • To duplicate an item, click Duplicate, enter item details, click Save.

Create a Modifier

After an Item is created, a Modifier can be added, allowing guests to further customize their selection.

To create a Modifier:

  1. From an item, and click the pencil icon next to Item modifiers
  2. Click Create new modifier.
  3. Add a Modifier name and optional Display name - allows you to name the modifier group something different than the name you want your guests to view. 
  4. Enter the Minimum required and Maximum allowed selections for a guest. 
  5. Check the box to require All guests must select the same option.
  6. Click Use existing item as option or Add new option.
    • Using an existing item as an option will share details and inventory between an existing menu item and the modifier. This is an option if you'd like to share stock limits between the item and modifier. 
    • If the Modifier option is independent of your items, click Add new option.
      • Option name - the name guests will see when selecting from the modifier group.
      • Chit name - configure an optional chit name if you want a unique name to print on your chit.
      • Category - an optional field that you can configure for reporting purposes. Price
      • Optional SKU
      • Click Save Option.
  7. Click Save.

Modifier tab

Modifiers are a group of options, and those options can be items or newly created options. Link modifiers to items in each item detail page.

To add a modifier to the library:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Menus and items. 
  2. Click Modifier tab.
  3. Click 3 horizontal dots to the right of modifier.
  4. To make unavailable, click Make unavailable, click Archive menu modifier.

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