If you have any questions while connecting your chit printer, please reach out to our Hospitality team via the Help icon on your Dashboard.

Vital troubleshooting information

When reaching out it's helpful to provide us the following information:

  • Name and model of your printer that is listed in our Supported Printers list.
  • Name and model of your compatible device? 
  • What type of connection are you using to connect your printer?
  • Confirm you can print outside of Tock (using the manufacturer’s utility apps)?

Other helpful information

This information may also be helpful to consider. Our team may ask for this information during active troubleshooting.

  • Is your device’s operating system updated to the most recent software?
  • Is your chit printer using the supported connection type? (WiFi,  Bluetooth, Ethernet)
  • Are you using Tock from the Dashboard app or browser?
  • Is the app or browser updated to the most recent software?
  • Run a network speed test and provide a screenshot of the results.
  • How many devices are currently connected to the same network?
  • Print a diagnostic chit and provide a screenshot of the receipt.
  • What are you trying to troubleshoot? (Auto-print for Tock To-Go orders, print when seating guests, manual print, or setup concerns)
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