Note: This article discusses a feature not launched to all businesses. Please contact to learn more.

Automatic chit printing ensures that chits are printed for each To Go order, with no manual action needed from your team. Chits will automatically print to all of the printers enabled on your Dashboard. 

Enabling automatic chit printing

To enable automatic chit printing for pickup or delivery offerings:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click To Go.
  2. Click on the offering you want to enable automatic chit printing for. 
  3. Click the Chits tab.
  4. Switch on the toggle for Automatic chit printing enabled.
  5. Select a printing timeframe from 5 minutes to 2 hours before the pickup or delivery time.
  6. On your iPad, open the Settings app, select Display & Brightness, then set Auto-Lock to Never.
  7. Refresh the Tock Dashboard app on your iPad.

Performance factors

There are many factors that can affect automatic chit printing performance, including your hardware and local network. Because of this, we recommend using additional tools like notifications and reports to ensure no orders are missed. 

In order for automatic chit printing to be successful, the Tock app needs to be open on the iPad; it cannot be running in the background only. 


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