In this article, we'll walk through steps to build your To Go offerings.

Adding a new To Go Experience

To add a new To Go offering:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click To Go.
  2. Click Add new experience in the top-right. 
  3. Select the Reservation type (prepaid pickup or delivery). For delivery, choose whether to integrate with a third-party delivery network, or deliver yourself. 
  4. Name your offering, select the Services it will be offered, and select the the order type (a la carte, pre fixe or package).                                              
  5. Add an experience tag and optional campaign tag.
  6. After clicking Submit, you'll be directed to update additional information for your offering.
    • Add a Description.
    • Select the offering frequency: daily, weekly, monthly or custom.
    • Choose how you want inventory to be released:
      • Automatically release inventory - Release inventory on a rolling basis, a specified number of days into the future. Select a start date and automatic inventory window, then specify an end date, or let it roll forward continuously.
      • Manually release inventory - Manually set a start and end date for your inventory.
    • Configure Excluded days for dates you don't want orders to be available.
    • Select the times orders will be available, and the maximum number of orders you can take at each given time.
    • Select the Experience availability cut-off for the latest time an order can be placed.
    • Select tax options.
    • Specify if a service charge is optional, not required, or required. If required, enter a label and select the Service charge percentage. Choose whether the service charge should be taxed; the service charge is excluded from taxes by default.  

     7. After you click Save and create menu, you'll be taken to the Add-ons or Menu tab to create             or modify the menu for your offering.

Additional Customization Options

Within each To Go offering, you'll find multiple customization options:

  • Visibility and access - toggle visibility on or off, and determine whether your offering is visible to all guests, guests with a private link (useful to preview experiences), or guests in a group.
  • Pricing - ensure that your order pricing, taxes and service charges are set correctly.
  • Inventory Setup - control when your experience will be offered. Visit Setting Up To Go Inventory to learn more.
  • Communication - customize the confirmation message shown at checkout and on the confirmation email. This is a good place to add pickup or heating instructions.
  • Pre-visit questions - ask for additional information about dietary restrictions or order preferences.
  • Menus - build out your à la carte menu, or add optional items to an existing meal. Depending on your plan type, you may see a Menu tab or Add-ons tab.  
  • Fees - add a delivery fee.
  • Discounts - create discounts for your employees or VIP guests.
  • Mobile tickets - enable a scannable confirmation email.

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