Sending SMS text messages is an easy and powerful way to communicate with your guests about their upcoming reservation. Text messages and emails are far more efficient and less invasive than a phone call. Setting up Tock’s SMS features will reduce no-shows while saving your team valuable time. 

To enable text messages, please reach out to so we can get you started.

Turning text messages on or off

After text messages are setup, you may turn on or off this feature whenever you’d like.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the Settings page
  2. Select the Text Messaging section
  3. Switch the toggle to on/off

Understanding automated text messages

Reservation reminder

Like reminder emails, you may enable reminder texts. The message asks guests to confirm their reservation by replying with “1”. A green checkmark will be added in the guest list next to those who have confirmed. This message cannot be customized.

Walk-in guests

Guests who have been added to the walk-in list will automatically receive a text message confirming their addition and informing them that they can remove their name from the waitlist by replying with “9”. This message cannot be customized.

Sending custom messages

If you need to communicate additional information, you can send text messages to any guest with a valid mobile phone number.

  1. Visit Reservations in Dashboard and select Timeline or Service
  2. Select the reservation from the list you’d like to message
  3. Click Quick actions and select Message guest
  4. Send a preset message or write a custom message

Using preset text messages

If you frequently send identical messages to your guests, you may create a preset text message.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the Settings page
  2. Select the Text messaging section
  3. Scroll down to the Preset text messages section
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