Customize views to show the information that matters most to you

No two businesses are exactly alike, so Tock offers customization for how content is shown in Timeline and Service.  


Guest List

  • The Guest List can now be viewed as a single scrolling list or as separate pages with tabs for walk-ins, reservations, seated parties, finished parties, and cancelled or no-showed parties. 
  • Guest cards within the Guest List default to showing the narrow card, but users can switch to a wide view, displaying more guests at once with information shown on a single line across a wider panel (requires iPad Pro 11in and larger screens).
  • The content within each guest card can be configured, with options for showing or hiding guest visit notes and guest and reservation icon information.


(Guest list display examples: Left = narrow guest cards; right = wide guest cards)

Guest Panel

  • In the Guest Panel, service tags default to being hidden behind a single button, with one tap expanding the view and to show the icons. In Settings, you can choose to always have the service tags visible in the panel. 

Table Indicators

  • Turning on “Timers for seated parties” will display how long a party has been seated. The timer starts when the party is either seated or partially seated.
  • Turning on “Upcoming pre-assignments” will display the times for upcoming parties assigned to that table

Observation Mode and Global Settings

  • By enabling Observation Mode, the display in Service will be put in a read-only mode so that changes cannot be made
  • Dark mode can be enabled or disabled under Global Settings

Preferences are set and saved per user

The purpose of display settings is to give everyone the opportunity to configure the product to best suit their needs. And each user’s needs may be different depending on the device being used. Therefore, settings can be saved per user, per device, and these preferences remain set until they are changed.

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