Tock strongly believes that the relationship between you and your guests should reflect your brand and your messaging. You can easily include custom messages for your email communication.

Updating default messages

These messages are used as defaults for each offering you create.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the Settings page
  2. Select the Messages and emails section

Updating messages for a specific offering

You may override your business defaults and customize the messages for each offering.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the ExperiencesEvents, or To Go page
  2. Select the experience, event, or offering and click the Communication section

Understanding communication touch-points

Confirmation message

You may customize the confirmation message included on the screen your guest sees immediately after booking as well as within their confirmation email.

Here is an example of what the confirmation email for a dine-in Experience looks like:


The following is an example of a confirmation email for a Tock To Go offering:


Reminder email and text

To remind your guests of their upcoming visit or to share important information before their arrival, you may enable reminder emails and text messages for any offering. You may also customize how many days before their reservation you’d like these sent, or if you'd like these sent the same day as a guest's reservation.


Post-visit email

You can thank your guests for their recent visit by automatically sending a post-visit email and including a custom message. You can also collect feedback from guests within this email by including a friendly option for guests to rate their experience on a five-star scale. After responding, guests will have an option to leave comments for you to review; this feedback is completely private and only seen by you. We never publish their response publicly. This email will be sent the day after their visit.

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