Note: This feature is only supported for businesses using Availability Planning reservation management.

The large party feature allows you to:

  • Highlight large parties in the product so they're easily recognizable during service.
  • Offer a free experience, but require a deposit for large parties. 

Defining your large party size

To define the minimum number of guests that make up a large party reservation:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Availability.
  2. Switch on the toggle to Highlight large parties within the product.
  3. In the Large party size field, enter the minimum party size to be considered a large party.
  4. Click Save.   

          Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 4.02.31 PM.png

Setting a large party deposit

To require a large party deposit on a free experience:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Experiences.
  2. Select the experience you want to configure a deposit for. Large party deposits can only be configured for free offerings.
  3. Click the Pricing tab, then click Add large party deposit.Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 3.56.17 PM.png
  4. Set the per-person deposit to be charged for large parties. We recommend applying this deposit to the guest's final bill at the end of their reservation. See this article for tips on applying deposits.

         Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 4.05.33 PM.png

Learn more

  • To learn more about assigning and seating large parties to multiple tables, view this article.
  • To have large parties auto-assign to multiple tables, set up table combinations within your Floor Plan. View this article to learn more.


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