Note: This article discusses a feature available on Dashboards using Availability Planning style reservation management, which is not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Once you have created table in your Floor plan you can configure table combinations. Table combinations allows you to combine smaller tables to accommodate larger parties.

Creating Table Combinations

  • Navigate to Control Panel and then Availability Planning 
  • Select the schedule that you want to Edit
  • Select Floor plan in the top panel
  • Select the table icon on the Floor plan 
  • Select Add Table Combination, and then select at least two tables from your floor plan that can be combined
  • Update the Minimum party size and Maximum party size for this combination of tables, and click Add combination
    • To delete a table combination, click on the trash can icon next to that combinationScreen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_11.33.01_AM.png

Setting Combinations to be offered only in-house

You have the ability to offer table combinations online or keep them as only bookable in-house. Once you have table combinations created, you can choose whether they are offered online for guests to book, or set offline to be only visible when booking reservations in-house.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel and then Availability Planning 
  2. Select the schedule that you want to Edit
  3. Select Services in the top panel
  4. Click directly on the service that you want to edit
  5. Click on the pencil icon for Table Availability
  • Select the table icon to view all table combinations 
  • Toggle individual combinations as offered online or offline
  • Save your updates and repeat for each service as needed 
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