Concierge Program

Tock's Concierge Program allows your staff to seamlessly book reservations on behalf of your guests - Hotel concierges, Winery sales representatives, and more.

Enrollment Process

  1. First, email our team at from your company email to enroll in the program.

  2. Once your email is received, you will receive an email including the prompt below.

  3. Click Accept Invite

  4. Log In, or create your Tock profile, to book reservations

  5. Your profile will display Tock Partners once you have successfully completed the process


Booking Reservations as a Concierge

  1. Navigate to your business page on
  2. Select the experience, reservation date, time, and party size requested by your guest
  3. On the following screen, select Book as a concierge as shown below
  4. Add the guest's contact information
  5. Two options for payment:
      1. Pay and complete the booking now: add payment information on guest's behalf.
          • Confirmation email will be sent to you.
      2. Allow the guest to pay and complete the booking from an email invitation: hold reservation and allow guest to add payment information via email link.
          • You must agree to the Concierge Terms before the email is sent to the guest 
          • Confirmation email will be sent to the guest
            • The reservation will be held for 3 hours


Cancellation Policy 

When booking as a concierge, please ensure the guest understands the business's unique experience-specific cancellation policy.

Tock's default cancellation policy for free/standard reservations cannot be changed. However, policies for prepaid or deposit-based experiences can be modified. At default, the policy reads as follows:

  • All sales are final and non-refundable.
  • You can always transfer your reservation to another person.

Need assistance? 

If you have questions about an upcoming reservation, please contact the business at the contact information included in your confirmation email. Please note that Tock cannot manage reservations on behalf of our business partners. 

If you have technical issues or questions about your Tock profile, please contact Tock at  

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