All support options and hours of availability can be found by selecting the Help icon in the top right corner of your Tock dashboard.


Help Icon

Business ID 

Your business ID helps our team find your Dashboard and provide guidance.

Chat Support 

Connect with a member of our Hospitality Team via live chat by selecting the "Chat with us" button. 

Email Support

Reach our Hospitality Team directly via email at

Phone Support

Customers with phone support included in their plan will find Tock's contact number within the Help icon in top right corner of their Tock Dashboard. 

To request a call from our support team, please email  and include the preferred phone number for contact.

Help Center

 Find quick links to Help Center categories and articles. 


Tock Guest Support

For assistance with reservations, orders, and questions about reservation availability, please reach out to the restaurant directly. The restaurant’s contact information can be found in the following locations:

  • In the footer of your reservation/order confirmation email
  • On their Tock business page under the 'Hours and location' section

Tock is happy to assist with any matters that you are unable to resolve by contacting the restaurant directly.

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