Tock offers configurations to let your guests manage their own reservations. These can be set at the global level or overridden at the Experience level.

Updating Business Default Modification Policies

To update business default modification policies:

  1. From the Control Panel, click the Settings tab, and then Policies.
  2. Click the policy option, modification window, and messaging for each inventory type.

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Deposit and Prepaid Reservations Policies

Deposit and prepaid reservations can be transferred. Tock offers the following policy options for Blueprint or Availability Planning dashboards:


  • Guests cannot cancel through Tock.
  • Guests can cancel through Tock.

Availability Planning

  • Guests can transfer through Tock.
  • Guests can cancel through Tock.
  • Guests can reschedule through Tock.

Recommended Uses

You can set a custom window of time prior to the guest’s reservation to allow them to modify their reservation.

  • Guests can only reschedule within the same Experience. They cannot change Experiences.
  • Cancellations before the modification window are automatically issued refunds for paid reservations.
  • When configuring your modification windows, check your availability window. We recommend having a modification window at least as long as the availability window to be sure your cancellations can be completed.
  • If you are using variable pricing within an Experience, we do not recommend enabling reschedules. A reschedule always respects the price that was purchased.

Cancellation policy for Event Reservations

Events reservations cannot be rescheduled by the guest, but can be transferred. Tock offers the following event cancelation policies:

  • Guests cannot cancel through Tock.
  • Guests can cancel through Tock.

Cancellation policy for Tock To Go

To Go offerings cannot be modified or canceled by the guest. You can customize the policy communication message.

Cancellation policy for Free Reservations

Free reservations can be rescheduled and are always cancelable by the guest. We do not offer transfers, and do not support custom policy communication messages.

Customizing Modification Policies per Offering

To modify policies per Experience:

  1. From the Control Panel, click Experiences, To Go, or Events.
  2. Click your offering. 
  3. Click Pricing and Policy (Experiences) or Policies (To Go or Events).
  4. Uncheck Use the default cancellation policy.
  5. Select your policy overrides.
  6. Click Saved

These settings will only apply to this offering.

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