Tock gives you control over your brand and the information you share with your guests. Visit Control Panel and select the Business page tab to get started.

Editing general information

Your business name, description, cuisine, and price range can be edited at anytime. 

Editing contact information

The email address listed here will be used as the reply-to for all email communication and the phone number listed will be included on your business page and added to Google’s search profile. Adding a phone number is optional.

The listed address and a corresponding map will be shown to your guests on your business page and in most email messages. If you wish to keep your address private, you may hide it.

Adding website and social media links

You may include links to your website, your menu, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which will appear on your business page.

Adding images

You may add a single banner image or multiple images to be displayed on your business page. Learn more about how to create and add the perfect image.

Your logo will be displayed within all email messages so guests can easily recognize your business.

Setting your publicly listed hours

The hours you set here will be shown to your guests on your business page and will not affect when reservations are available.

Showing that you accept walk-ins

If you accept walk-ins, you may remind your guests of this on your business page by selecting the "Accept walk-ins" checkbox within the Business information section.

Here's a video walking through these changes:


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