If you host private events, add a form on your business page to collect information from prospective guests.

How the request form works

The form asks guests for their first and last name, email address, phone number, preferred date, preferred start and end time, number of guests, and the type of event (e.g. birthday, anniversary, etc). After a guest submits a private event request, you'll be notified via email. It is then up to you to communicate with the guest and finalize details.

Adding the form to your business page

To add a private events request form to your Tock business page:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Business page.
  2. Click Private events.
  3. Switch on the toggle for Private events request form.
  4. Confirm or update the event manager's email address.
  5. If desired, click Get widget code to add a private event request form widget to your own website.
  6. Click Save to finalize.

Integrating with Tripleseat

The Tock and Tripleseat integration pushes private event requests into your Tripleseat account as a new lead. Visit Integrating with Tripleseat to learn more. 


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