Adding a Tock booking widget to your website allows for a seamless checkout process without guests ever leaving your site.

Building the widget

Adding a booking widget requires access to your website’s code or site builder. Tock’s customizable widget builder gives you or your web developer everything that's needed.

To build your widget:

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Settings.
  2. Under Advanced, click Widget.
  3. Click the Get Started button to launch the Widget Builder.

Understanding the widgets you can use

When you open the widget builder, you’ll choose the type of widget that you want displayed on your website.

  • Show all offerings: guests can search across all reservations and events by time, date, and party size.
  • Search a single offering: guests can search availability for a specific experience or event.
  • List all offerings: guests can see all available offerings so they can learn more.

After a widget type has been selected, follow the prompts to add the pre-generated widget code to your site:

  1. Copy the generated piece of javascript to the header of your website. 
  2. Copy and paste the generated piece of body code into the restaurant’s site wherever you want the widget to be. 

If your web developer is installing your code, please refer to the URL provided in the Widget Builder’s steps.



Can a Tock widget’s appearance be changed?

Tock widgets are branded and elements such as color, removing the Tock logo or updating the font cannot be changed using the code provided. Website developers are encouraged to update a website’s custom CSS to make any further changes to appearance.


Why is the Tock widget not compatible with my new website design?

Tock widgets may not work with new website designs depending on the set theme or css elements added that may interfere with the original code. For Wordpress sites, The WordPress Tock widget plug-in hasn't been tested in the past 3 wordpress releases and may not be compatible.


Why is the widget on my website not redirecting to my experience on Tock?

If a widget is not redirecting to the correct experience on Tock, ensure to check the code for any dates or experience names as well as the experience’s visibility as set on your Tock dashboard.


Which web hosts isTock most compatible with?

Tock is compatible with Squarespace, Wordpress, WineDirect, and the classic version of Weebly alongside any web host allowing for manual HTML input/manipulation.


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