Specific actions can be set to require a manager’s passcode

Enabling the passcode feature within Dashboard will prevent team members with the Host role in Tock from taking certain actions without approval. To approve a restricted action, a manager must enter his or her passcode on the screen. 

Once the feature is enabled, the following actions will be available to Hosts but will require a manager’s passcode: 


  • Creating unassigned inventory (for flex mode)
  • Editing a reservation's time 
  • Editing a reservation's party size 


  • Overbooking on a table and booking a reservation on a blocked time

Comps, refunds, and discounts: 

  • Booking a reservation with a comp or discount
  • Cancelling a booked reservation with a refund
  • Comping a reservation

Actions that are passcode-protected are customizable

Each business can choose which actions they want to require passcode. From the Team page within the Control Panel, admins and owners can set the restriction for each of the included actions to be on or off. They can also set and reset passcodes for members of their team. For a step-by-step guide to setting up passcodes, please visit this page.