Adding Images to Existing Experiences

Images can be added to experiences after they have been created. 

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Experiences.
  2. Select the Experience you wish to edit, then click the Images tab.
  3. Click Add and choose to upload images from your device or use previously uploaded images.
  4. Click Save.


How many images can be uploaded per experience?

Each experience allows for 20 images to be uploaded.

Can images be added during the experience creation flow?

No, images cannot be added during the experience creation flow and must be added once an experience has been created. 

Can I change the order in which the images appear per experience?

Yes, after you upload the images, you can drag and drop the photos in the order you'd like.

How will images appear to guests?

Guests will see the primary image on the experience card on your business page. When guests click the experience, they have the option to click through the image carousel to see the other associated images.

What are the ideal image specs?

Each image will be cropped to a 3:2 aspect ratio.

The image should be under 10MB.



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