Understanding the types of discounts

  • Percent off: a percentage off applied per reservation on the total amount
  • Amount off: a fixed amount off applied per reservation or per cover on the total amount

Once a discount is created, it can be disabled but it cannot be edited.

Setting up a discount

Discounts are created and applied per experience. Discounts can be kept for internal purposes only or can be public-facing for your guests to use by adding a Discount code.

  1. Visit Control Panel and click the Experiences page
  2. Select the experience and click the Discounts section
  3. Click the blue Create discount button
  4. Enter the name of the discount, which will be shown to guests on their receipt
  5. You may optionally enter a discount code that guests can use when booking online
  6. Select the discount type and enter a price or percentage off

Automatically applying a discount for a guest group

You may automatically apply a discount for guests within a guest group. When the guest in the group is logged in to their Tock account, they will automatically receive the discount when booking.

  1. Click the "Automatically apply this discount to specific guest groups" checkbox.
  2. From the dropdown, select which group you'd like to receive the discount.

Limiting a discounts usage

You may limit how often a discount is used per guest or in total by configuring the usage limits.

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