Note: This article discusses both Blueprint and Availability Planning styles of reservation management.
  1. Visit your Control Panel and select the Experiences tab
  2. Click the blue Add experience buttonScreen_Shot_2020-05-07_at_8.58.52_AM.png
  3. Select the type of reservation you'd like to create:
    • Prepaid: a reservation to be paid for in full for an all-inclusive experience
    • Deposit: a reservation requiring an upfront deposit payment
    • Reservation: a standard reservation requiring no deposit
  4. Choose an Experience color
    • This feature helps you differentiate experiences while managing you Blueprint or Availability planning Schedule 
  5. Enter a name, a short code, and add a description 
  6. Add a price (if applicable), as well as selecting tax and service charge preferences
  7. Select the service(s) associated with this reservation*
    • *Note, this step is for businesses using Blueprint-style reservation management.
    • Selecting the service within the Experience allows you to control which Experience(s) are available to be used in Blueprints with the same service selected. 
  8.   Select a tag, this feature ensures your experience shows up in relevant search results on
  9. To complete, select the blue Create Experience button 
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