Tock has a variety of reports that range from a high-level overview of sales and revenue to detailed line item reports useful for reconciliations. Using the right report can be crucial.

In general:

  • Reports are useful for business owners or managers looking for a summary of sales and/or revenue. 
  • Accounting reports are more comprehensive and can be used for bookkeeping.
  • Insights can help gauge the success of marketing campaigns.  

For every reservation made in Tock, there are two dates to consider - the date of the transaction (when the reservation was made), and the date of service (when the guest visited your business). Tock’s Sales reports and Transactions report pull data based on the date of the transaction. Tock’s Income reports and the Daily Details report pull data based on the date of service.  


  • Overview - a high level overview of the last 30 days of financial activity
  • Sales summary - a summary of gross and net revenue (minus refunds and transfer fees) from all bookings sold during the dates selected
  • Item sales - allows you to view sales (reservations, covers, gross and net sales) according to “items”: experience type, add-on, or referral source
  • Income summary - a summary of realized income captured as a result of the date of service passing, including information about gift cards, pay-laters, and payments retained from cancellations or no-shows 
  • Item income - a summary of actual income generated from the items sold 


  • Transactions - most comprehensive and detailed report for sales; often the best report to reconcile against other reports. 
  • Daily details - most comprehensive and detailed report for realized income; often used as the “point of truth” for payouts.
  • Unrealized income - displays income that guests have paid but has not yet been realized ( the date of service hasn’t happened)
  • Bank payouts - displays past payouts and payouts that have been scheduled for the next three business days


  • Sell-through - shows what ratio of bookings are sold based on how many are offered
  • Hourly insights - gives a visual, color-blocked view of sales, showing when your business is busiest
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