Where can Tock gift cards be used?

Gift cards can only be purchased in $USD and spent at US businesses. See complete terms and conditions.

Can guests use a Tock gift card onsite at my business?

No. Tock gift cards can only be used when purchasing online.

Can a guest use a gift card on a reservation they already booked?

No. Once a reservation has been booked guests cannot modify the payment method or apply their gift card balance.

What happens if I need to refund a guest?

You can issue a refund as you normally would. Guests will be refunded to the same payment method they used to purchase the reservation. If a guest’s purchase was made by both gift card and credit card, they will be refunded to each accordingly. To learn more about refunds, check out this article.

Will gift cards impact my payouts?

There will be no impact to your payouts or payout timing. Tock gift cards will be paid out just like any other credit card transaction.

How will gift cards impact my reporting?

You will be able to see gift card transactions in the Transactions and Daily Details reports. To learn more about reporting, check out this article.

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