Once you’ve collected money through Tock, use the Income Summary report to view revenue that has realized on a selected date or date range. For example, if a guest books a paid reservation on July 14th for December 12th, December 12th is when the revenue is realized. 

Viewing the Income Summary

To view your Income Summary:

  1. From the Reports tab, click Income summary.
  2. Click the service date or date range you’d like to view.
  3. Select the offering category from the dropdown.
  4. View the report from your Dashboard, or click the download icon to download as a .csv file to sort information.

Report Glossary

  • Bookings -  the total revenue from experiences, add-ons and charges.
    • Rescheduled reservations could be an example of an overpayment (or an underpayment), depending on the price of the experience for the rescheduled date.
  • Service charges - any required charge(s) by a business for serving customers.
  • Fees - the total revenue from event fees, custom fees, and purchase fees.
  • Gross Sales - the total revenue from bookings, service charges, and fees.
  • Comps - the total dollar-based discounts applied to the subtotal (pre-tax) and added by a business for a specific booking.
  • Discounts - the dollar or percentage based discounts applied to the total (post-tax) created by the business and applied by either the guest using a discount code or the business during the initial booking.
  • Net Sales - the gross sales minus comps and discounts.
  • Gratuities - the total business payable gratuities collected, excluding third party delivery gratuity.
  • Taxes - the total taxes collected.
  • Gross Receivable (1) - the net sales plus gratuities and taxes.
  • Non-business payable - the dollars that don’t get paid to the business, including third party delivery fees, third party delivery gratuity, and the Order Fee.
  • Credit Card - the gross processed amount minus non-business payable amount - (gross refund amount - non-business payable amount).
  • Third Party Gift Card - the total revenue from third party gift cards.
  • Outstanding Payments - any un-cancelled reservations with money associated that don’t have payments made in full yet (i.e. a partially paid reservation or an unpaid reservation).
  • Retained Payments - monies retained from bookings that were canceled, marked as a no-show without a refund, or where edits were made that decreased the total value of the reservation without refunding the guest. In other words, any time the amount paid is greater than the amount due after edits, the difference is denoted here.
  • Gross Receivable (2) - the credit card line item, plus third party gift card line item, plus pay later line item.
  • Processing Fees - the total credit card processing fees minus refunded credit card processing fees.
  • Tock Fees - the subscription fees found within your Plan and Billing tab.
  • Net Receivables - the gross receivable minus credit card processing fees, pay later amounts and Tock fees.
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