Note: This feature is only supported for businesses using Availability Planning reservation management.

Table Prioritization allows more control over where reservations are assigned. Prioritize specific tables, table combinations, or sections within a floor plan to best respond to your business’ needs. 


Configuring Table Priorities

  1. From Control Panel, click on Availability Planning from the left menu.
  2. Edit an existing Schedule.
  3. Click on Services and select a service to edit.
  4. Click the edit icon next to Table Availability.
  5. Select a Table.
  6. Click on the Table Priority dropdown, and select a priority value. 
  7. Click Save to publish schedule.

Navigate to Timeline, click the Settings (gear Icon), and you'll see the option to “Show Priority Indicators.”  

Table Priority Logic

If there is a high-priority table and high-priority combination that are both a match, the system will prefer the single table. In the case of a high priority table combination vs a medium or low table, the high table combo is used.

  • A booking will first go from high to medium to low priority tables that are a perfect fit.
  • A booking will then go to high, medium, then low priority table combinations that are a perfect fit.
  • A booking will then go to high, medium, then low priority tables that can fit a range of patrons.
  • A booking will then go to high, medium, then low priority table combinations that can fit a range of patrons.

Note: The rebalancer prefers a perfect fit (party of table max size) to any priority.


What can be assigned a priority? 

Tables and table combinations 

Do Blocked / In-house tables need a priority level? 

Blocked tables and tables marked as “in-house” cannot have a designated priority level since reservations are not automatically assigned to those tables. 

Note: if you prioritize a table and then block it on your Timeline, you’ll still see a priority indicator, even though reservations won't be assigned to a blocked table. 

Can tables be sorted by priority in Service?

Tables can be sorted by priority in Timeline, but not in Service. 

If all table combinations are set as high priority, and individual tables have no priority, will combinations be prioritized over the individual tables?

Yes - unless there’s a perfect fit on a table with no priority. For example, if you had a table combo seating 4 with high priority and table seating 2 with no priority and a booking for 2, it would go on the table.

Will table priorities copy over when creating a Special Day?

Once priorities are published, they’ll persist with new schedules. If you create a special day from an existing schedule, table priorities will carry over.

Is there anything else I should know? 

If a table has different priority levels in separate services (e.g. Breakfast and Lunch), Timeline will always show the priority of the earlier service.

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